Idealpos-The right choice for your point of sale system

POS or point of sale software is used for digitalizing your business sales. Digitalized sales helps to limit human errors at checkout counter and will therefore avoid losses in profits.

POS system is a combination of software and hardware that can aid your business activity to spread out and grow profits. Idealpos is a renowned Australian owned leading provider of hospitality as well as retail Point of Sale solutions. Idealpos’s software is sold in Australia, New Zealand, Canada and several other countries. It offers a collection of distinctive and superior Point of Sale solutions customized to individual business need. Clients will definitely experience an attractive, innovative, convenient and above all a very user friendly POS solution offered by Idealpos.

Featured offered by Idealpos software:

Idealpos comes with standard interface operated by laptops, desktop, embedded PC’s and touch screen POS terminals. The Idealpos software is so designed to make it easier to use. The user interface is absolutely simple and easy to use.

POS offered by Idealpos has included some great features, which truly makes it indispensible software. Some of them are enlisted below:

  • Billing: It manages customer’s bill with the aim of attendance are left free to attend to the customers properly. The split bill capability allows multitude of options for splitting checks.
  • Alerts: Alert systems are an excellent way to keep track of certain operational task. Through alert system customers are notified via email at the time of transactions.
  • Clerk security: Idealpos includes the feature of securing clerk transaction. It supports RFID Clerk Wristbands method requires the clerk to “sign-on” to the POS system.
  • Customer Management : Most business offers reward to their regular customer using manual coffee card system. Loyalty programs, customer specific promotions, coupons all are possible with the POS software. Idealpos includes the feature of keeping customer record and offer reward to those repeated customer entitled to those reward.
  • Customer account: Through this option you can actualize customer accounts in Idealpos and administer payments, adjustment and credits as required. Idealpos software also supports wide range of features including barcode scanning, caller id, click tab app, bar tabs etc.

Application of Idealpos in Commercial Establishment  

There are number of different well-known industries which make heavy use of POS systems.

Idealpos in Restaurant:

A high performance POS system is needed in order to run a restaurant efficiently. The Idealpos Point of Sale System is included with many features to help restaurant owners to manage their daily operations. Few of them are mentioned as follows:

It manages customer’s billing so that he is left free to attend customers properly.

  • Customers now have options of reserving a table days, weeks, months and years in advance by using Idealpos.
  • The status of all tables within the restaurant can be viewed at a glance by using Idealpos.
  • Handheld solution offered by Idealpos enables servers to take orders in high volume venues without ever leaving the dining area.
  • Idealpos supports a range of kitchen printing formats for small cafes through accomplished dining restaurant.

Idealpos in Service Station:

Point of sale solution is must required system by fuel stations for smooth activities. Idealpos offers an integrated solution for the service stations. Idealpos Point of Sale System included many features to help service stations to manage their daily operations.

  • provision of control over technical processes
  • provision and account of employees operation of petrol station
  • Provision of sub accounts, provision of discount option for cents percents and much more

Idealpos in Retail Outlets

Much like restaurants and service stations retail outlets have sincerely embraced POS systems. It is advantageous for small-sized retail businesses as well as bigger, multi-chain outlets. Retail POS systems are most centered on the actual sales transaction and all the tracking of this information. Idealpos software features are:

  • Gift Vouchers
  • Lay-Bys
  • Credit Notes
  • Customer Loyalty
  • Label Printing and much more.

Idealpos in Quick Service:

With Idealpos software you can serve more customers faster, track inventory in time, increase efficiency with an integrated kitchen display system.

POS offered by Idealpos has revolutionized the way businesses are managed. Clients will definitely experience an attractive, innovative, convenient and above all a very user friendly POS solution offered by Idealpos.