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A 2D imaging barcode scanner is a type of barcode scanner that uses image capture technology to read both 1D (linear) and 2D barcodes. Unlike traditional laser barcode scanners, which use a laser beam to scan and decode barcode information, 2D imaging scanners capture an image of the barcode and then use image processing techniques to decode the information.

These scanners are capable of reading a wide range of barcode types, including traditional linear barcodes like UPC and EAN codes, as well as 2D symbologies such as QR codes, DataMatrix codes, and PDF417. They are also able to capture barcodes from various angles and orientations, making them more versatile than laser scanners.

2D imaging barcode scanners are commonly used in applications where flexibility, accuracy, and the ability to read multiple barcode types are required. They are widely used in retail, healthcare, logistics, manufacturing, and other industries for tasks such as inventory management, asset tracking, ticketing, and mobile payment systems. Additionally, many smartphones and tablets now come equipped with built-in 2D imaging barcode scanning capabilities, further expanding the use of this technology.