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ACPonline are paymark approved re seller with our 5 years of extensive eftpos experience, we have been able to solve a lot of issue for our customers, which were causing them so much grief.

Long gone are days where New Zealand eftpos terminals were using a phone line to transact, with so many customers paying for  a secondary phone line rental to avoid eftpos disruption when a they were talking on the phone and the need to hang up to do customer transaction.

Today’s eftpos terminals are now equipped with advanced gadgetry to transact instantly just by waving (tap n go or Paywave technology) there wallet or purse next to the terminal

With everything moving toward the internet (hardwired, wifi, 3g or 4g network) you need a company who understands the principles of these technologies.

ACPonline makes the process of eftpos integration easy so its customers just carry on doing there business as normal.