Implied Consent

ACPONLINE is a limited liability company, with registered office at Patel & Associates,Botany, Auckland, New ZealandThis Credit Policy explains the terms under which we offer accounts, credit and invoicedservices. Yourcontinueduse of your account and/or our credit and services shows yourunconditional consent to these terms as set outbelow.

Monthly Payment of all Accounts

Unless otherwise arranged in writingby mail or email, our credit terms are strictly payment dueon the20THday of the monthfollowingINVOICEfor all accounts, whether or not you havebeen notifiedvia statement of an outstandingamount.An invoice date and number isautomatically generated each time you purchase goods or services usingyour account with us.Please keep your receipts for your records.

Default Fees

Outstanding invoices will be charged default fees of$5 per overdue invoice(purchase)permonth, charged toyour account from theFIRSTday payment is overdue.One account mayhold several invoices. If youare unsure,please check your most recent Statement or contact us todetermine how many invoices your account covers.Default fees are a charge of the cost of credit passed on to the customer.

Collection Costs

All costs incurred in thecollection of unpaid debts from you will become your responsibility,and will be addedwithout notice to the balance of your account. Account administration fees willbe automatically incurred at10%of the outstanding balance, compounding monthlyandcharged to your account from theFIRSTday payment isoverdue.Account administration fees are the costs associated with administering your account from ouroffice. Collectioncosts are charges associated with external debt collection or legal agencies.Both charges may apply to some accounts.

Payment Default Action

ACPONLINE may without further notice on unpaid accounts, issue default notice against youwhich may damageyour credit rating for a period of five years. It is now common practice forbanks, credit providers, electricity andtelephone companies to monitor credit information. Adefault may lead to some services being declined or frozen.IMPORTANT: Please contact us well before this happens so that we can make arrangementsthat suit yourpersonal circumstances, as this is an action we would prefer not to happen to anyof our customers.

Provision of Current Contact Address

It is your responsibility to keep us informed of your current contact details for the purpose ofbilling. We will sendor emailall statements to your current address as recorded in our system,and all mail willbe deemed to be received by youthree (3) days after it has been sent from ouroffice.

Making Payment Arrangements

ACPONLINE is open at any time to making arrangements to meet payment of accounts. Weappreciate thattemporary hardship often arises unexpectedly, and want to work together withyouto ensure that our credit termsdo not impact negatively on your current circumstances.Please stay in touch with us closely while paying off youraccount to ensure we do not take anyaction unnecessarily, and that overdue account charges do not unnecessarilyincrease youraccount during these difficult times.

Changes to our Credit Policy

Wereserve the right, at our discretion, to update or revise this Credit Policy at any time. Changesto this CreditPolicy will take effect immediately they are published on our website. Please checkthis Credit Policy regularly formodifications and updates. If you continue to use youraccountand our credit and services after we post changes tothis Credit Policy, this will indicate youracceptance of any such changes