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Allocacoc is a Dutch design company known for its innovative and functional product designs, particularly in the realm of power solutions, home and office accessories, and smart living gadgets. The company’s name is derived from the Latin phrase “alloca” (to allocate) and the Dutch word “coc” (which translates to ‘and so forth’).

One of Allocacoc’s most notable product lines is the “PowerCube,” which offers a modular and space-saving approach to power distribution. The PowerCube includes various versions such as the PowerCube Original, PowerCube Extended, and PowerCube Remote, each designed to provide multiple power outlets in a compact and stylish cube shape. These products often feature unique design elements such as twist-to-lock sockets, surge protection, and USB charging ports.

In addition to power solutions, Allocacoc offers a range of other products designed to enhance everyday life, including cable organizers, adapters, lighting solutions, and smart home devices. The company emphasizes creativity, functionality, and sustainability in its designs, aiming to improve user experiences and promote efficient and comfortable living and working environments.