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Dahua Technology is a Chinese manufacturer and supplier of video surveillance products and solutions. Established in 2001, Dahua has become one of the world’s largest providers of security and surveillance equipment, serving a wide range of industries and customers globally.

Here are some key aspects of Dahua’s products and offerings:

1. IP Cameras: Dahua offers a comprehensive range of IP cameras, including dome cameras, bullet cameras, PTZ (Pan-Tilt-Zoom) cameras, fisheye cameras, and thermal cameras. These cameras feature various resolutions, from standard definition to ultra-high definition (4K and beyond), as well as advanced features such as AI (Artificial Intelligence) analytics, facial recognition, and night vision capabilities.

2. NVRs (Network Video Recorders): Dahua manufactures NVRs to record and manage video streams from IP cameras. These NVRs support multiple channels and storage capacities, allowing for flexible deployment in small-scale to enterprise-level surveillance systems. Dahua’s NVRs often include features such as remote access, motion detection, and video playback.

3. DVRs (Digital Video Recorders): In addition to NVRs, Dahua offers DVRs for analog CCTV systems. These DVRs support various analog camera formats, including AHD, CVI, TVI, and CVBS, providing backward compatibility with existing surveillance setups while offering modern features such as remote monitoring and smartphone connectivity.

4. Video Management Software (VMS): Dahua provides VMS solutions for managing and monitoring video feeds from IP cameras and NVRs. These software platforms offer features such as live view, video playback, event management, and user access control, allowing users to efficiently manage their surveillance infrastructure.

5. Access Control and Intercom Systems: Dahua offers access control and intercom solutions for controlling and monitoring access to buildings, facilities, and restricted areas. These systems include door controllers, card readers, biometric scanners, and video intercom devices, integrated with Dahua’s surveillance products for comprehensive security coverage.

Dahua Technology is committed to innovation, quality, and customer satisfaction, continuously developing new technologies and solutions to meet the evolving needs of the security industry. However, it’s worth noting that Dahua has faced scrutiny over security vulnerabilities in its products, and users should ensure proper cybersecurity measures are in place when deploying Dahua equipment.