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Fractal Design is a company known for producing high-quality computer cases, power supplies, cooling solutions, and accessories for enthusiasts and professionals alike. The company was founded in Sweden in 2007 with the goal of providing innovative and stylish products that prioritize functionality and performance.

Fractal Design’s cases are particularly renowned for their sleek and minimalistic Scandinavian design aesthetic, often featuring clean lines, muted colors, and thoughtful cable management solutions. They offer a range of case sizes to accommodate various build requirements, from compact Mini-ITX cases to spacious full-tower designs.

In addition to cases, Fractal Design also manufactures power supplies, CPU coolers, case fans, and accessories such as fan controllers and cable management solutions. Their products are popular among PC builders and gamers seeking high-quality components that combine performance, aesthetics, and reliability.

Over the years, Fractal Design has earned a reputation for delivering products that excel in both form and function, making them a trusted choice for PC enthusiasts and professionals around the world.