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Handlink likely refers to Handlink Technologies, a company that specializes in providing solutions for Wi-Fi connectivity and internet access management. They offer a range of products and services designed to meet the needs of businesses, hospitality establishments, educational institutions, and public venues.

Some key offerings from Handlink Technologies include:

1. Wi-Fi Hotspot Solutions: Handlink provides hardware and software solutions for setting up and managing Wi-Fi hotspots. These solutions allow businesses to offer wireless internet access to their customers, guests, or visitors, while also implementing various authentication methods and access controls to ensure security and manage bandwidth usage.

2. Guest Wi-Fi Management: Handlink offers guest Wi-Fi management platforms that enable businesses to create customized login portals, capture guest information, and implement user authentication and access policies. These platforms often include features for marketing and promotional campaigns, allowing businesses to engage with their customers and collect valuable insights.

3. Public Wi-Fi Solutions: Handlink provides solutions for public Wi-Fi deployments in venues such as airports, stadiums, shopping malls, and city centers. These solutions are designed to provide reliable and high-performance Wi-Fi connectivity to large numbers of users, while also enabling venue owners to monetize their Wi-Fi networks through advertising or paid access models.

4. Wi-Fi Access Controllers: Handlink offers access controllers that allow businesses to manage and control access to their Wi-Fi networks. These controllers support features such as user authentication, bandwidth management, content filtering, and integration with existing network infrastructure.

Overall, Handlink Technologies offers a range of solutions aimed at helping businesses and organizations provide secure and reliable Wi-Fi connectivity to their customers, guests, and visitors, while also enabling them to implement various access controls and management features.