Long Term Eftpos Hire

long term eftpos hire

Reliable and affordable eftpos hire in NZ Advantages of Long term eftpos hire Assistance to set-up your merchant number Over the phone training if required Nationwide dispatch via courier Email, Phone Support available Programmed and activated to your terminal Id Up to date with Paymarks latest updates – We take all the stress away from […]

Event Eftpos Hire

Event eftpos hire

Hosting a great event in your town or area and looking for a great payment solution. Our event eftpos hire solution is a perfect match for your gig. Our eftpos terminals are battery powered and have mobile network connectivity ensuring that your payment transaction go through smoothly. Check out whats event is happening around New […]

Mobile Eftpos Hire – Flexibility & Upto Date Technology

Mobile Eftpos Hire

Mobile Eftpos Hire We have 97% of New Zealand covered with our mobile (GPRS) paymark eftpos terminals. Why Mobile EFTPOS  Hire? Hiring Eftpos terminals instead of purchasing them outright can offer several advantages for businesses: 1. **Cost Savings**: Renting EFTPOS terminals can be more cost-effective, especially for businesses that only need them for short-term or […]

Contactless Eftpos Terminal

Contactless Eftpos Terminal

Contactless Eftpos Terminal for Idealpos Did you know our eftpos terminals integrates with idealpos system so your paywave ready bank cards will work seamlessly. Our contactless eftpos terminals work seamlessly with idealpos terminals. Reduce time entering the purchase amount manually which also removes human errors in keying in the dollar amount. Our pos terminals gives […]