Over the last decade ACPonline has been an accredited Idealpos reseller in the New Zealand market.

As accredited idealpos reseller we work on deadlines so when you open your doors for business our system just works and delivers.

Our mission is simple be competent in the product that we resell. ACPonline started working with this software from Idealpos version 3.0 and today we have upgraded our skills and knowledge into the latest Idealpos 7.


As  resellers we are committed to providing a clear and conscious solution that is specific for your business application as they are user specific.

A coffee cart to a multi floor hospitality business each product has been designed for that particular purpose.

Our detail to site installation and discussion with clients on the ergonomics also plays a vital role whey they decide to use us as there preferred supplier.

Our attention to existing network and broadband setup is also vital when setting up a Idealpos system onsite and no installation is complete without a comprehensive training which we give to all our clients.

Get in touch with us and feel the difference